Actions define the things your chatbot can do at each turn of a conversation. Well-developed chatbots will have dozens of actions or more so this is an import feature. Bavard supports several different action types and we plan to add more in the future.

Supported Action Types

  • Utterance - The chatbot says (utters) something.

  • Form - Presents an input form to the user to collect data.

  • Email - Presents a form to let the user send a message via email.

Future Action Types (not yet supported)

  • Image - The chatbot displays an image to the user.

  • Video - The chatbot presents an video to the user.

  • Custom JavaScript - These actions run custom code (provided by you) and always return a resulting utterance action.

  • WebHook Action - Posts the full conversation history to a user given URL endpoint. The endpoint will be expected to return a valid utterance action.

  • Graph Action - Initiates an already existing conversation flow.