Setup Chatbot Integrations


With Integrations, you can connect your chatbot to external apps. Currently, we support Slack, Zendesk, and Shopify. Messenger integration is coming soon.

Navigate to the Integrations page to get started. Integrations Overview

Then pick the app you would like your bot to integrate with. Pick an app


Send notification alerts from your Bavard bot to your team's Slack channels.

First, click Connect to Slack to connect your Slack Organization. Slack First

Click Allow to enable Bavard to securely connect. Slack Allow Connect

You should now see your organization listed like this. Then pick a default channel where notifications are sent. Slack Pick Channel

Lastly, you can further customize when and what type of notifications are sent on the Slack Chatbot Set Up page.

Navigate to the Settings tab of the Configure section.

Then select Configure the Slack notification settings for this chatbot under Slack Integration. Slack Settings

Here you can select what type of notifications will be sent. You can also optionally choose an intent as the trigger for notifications. Learn more about Intents here. Slack Settings More


Integrate your Bavard chatbots with your zendesk account.

First, connect your zendesk subdomain. Zendesk Connect Subdomain

Click Allow to enable Bavard to securely connect. Zendesk Allow Access

You should now see your organization listed like this. Zendesk Connected

Next, create a conversation flow and a form that will trigger the Zendesk ticket. Zendesk Form Flow

Here is an example of what the form might look like: Zendesk Make Form


Integrate your Bavard bot with your online Shopify store.

First, click Install Bavard App which will redirect you to the Bavard Shopify store page. Shopify Overview

Here, click Add app which will add our app to your site. Shopify Store


Coming soon!

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