Publish your Chatbot


Navigate to the Publish your Chatbot tab of the Launch section inside the chatbot builder. It should look like this:

Publish Overview

Click Publish Chatbot. If you have changed NLP data (Anything under the NLP section), make sure to select Force re-train NLP models to see those changes reflected.

NLP Models


After it is published, Navigate to the Preview Your Chatbot tab of the Configure section then switch from draft mode to live mode. Here you can preview your live changes.

Chatbot Action Preview


If you haven't already, the next step will be adding your chatbot to your site.

Follow one of the Chatbot Install Instructions located at the bottom of the Publish your Chatbot tab of the Launch section. The kind of site you have will determine which tab to follow.


Now that your chatbot is live, you should be able to see those changes reflected on your website.

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