Create an Action


Navigate to the Chatbot Actions tab of the NLP section inside the chatbot builder. It should look like this:

Action Page

Click the "Add New Action" button to add an action. Fill out the Action Name, pick an Action Type (See Action Types), then complete the next input fields (the Action Type chosen will determine what fields appear).

In this case, the Action Type is an "Utterance Action", so it requires an Action Text field.

Action Page

Next, you may optionally add a slot which temporarily stores user data (typically in the case of using a "Form Action" See Slots for more info)

Lastly, You may optionally define a list of responses a user can select after the action has triggered.

Response Options

Under Response Options click "Add an Option" to create a new option. Select the Option Type, and provide Option Text.

You can also, optionally, provide a Hyperlink Target, an Intent trigger, or another Response Action trigger to occur if a user selects this option.

Response Options

For example, to the action "needs support", this may be an appropriate list of Response Options:

  • Billing
  • Account
  • I need help signing in
  • Something else


To preview your new Chatbot Actions, your chatbot must be Published with re-trained NLP models. (See Publish Your Chatbot).

After it is published, Navigate to the Preview Your Chatbot tab of the Configure section then switch from draft mode to live mode. You can now preview your Chatbot Actions

Chatbot Action Preview

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