Create an Intent


Navigate to the User Intents tab of the NLP section inside the chatbot builder. It should look like this:

User Intent Page

Click the "Add New Intent" button to add an Intent. Fill out the Intent Name then provide at least 5 natural language examples of the given intent.

User Intent Form

Next, you may optionally select a Default Response Action to be triggered when this particular intent is recognized. (See Create an Action). This setting is completely optional. If it is not set, the resulting action that occurs after the intent is recognized depends on whether a conversation flow is active or a high-confidence action is predicted, if neither of these is true, the fallback action will occur. By default, the fallback action is a chitchat-mode utterance, but you can change it from the settings tab to be any other action from your list of chatbot actions.


To preview your new User Intents, your chatbot must be Published with re-trained NLP models. (See Publish Your Chatbot).

After it is published, Navigate to the Preview Your Chatbot tab of the Configure section then switch from draft mode to live mode. Your chatbot will now recognize your Intents

User Intent Preview

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