Create Forms

A form is a list of inputs that allow you to collect certain data from the end user, such as their name, email, etc. This form can be used to create a support ticket, or add a user to your CRM, or even pre-populate a different form elsewhere.


There are two ways to add a Form action to your chatbot.

Method 1: Conversation Flow Editor

Let’s start with creating a form in the Conversation Flow editor.

  1. First, drag the form action underneath the correct branch in your conversation tree.

Conversation Tree

  1. Next, connect the prior node to your new form action.

Connect to a node

  1. From here, click on Configure. Name your form and add the Form Fields that you want to collect from your user.

Configure Form Configure Form

  1. Once your done, click Submit.

Configure Form

  1. Don’t forget to add a Submit Form node underneath your form, and connect!

Method 2: NLP Action

The other place you can create a form is through the NLP section of the chatbot builder.

  1. Scroll down to the NLP section and expand the tabs. Click on Chatbot Actions.

Action Form Overview

  1. Next, Add New Action.

Select Action

  1. Name your Action and select Action Type

Action Form

  1. Add all of your desired fields and name them accordingly.

Final Result

  1. Click Add Action, and you’re done!

The last thing would be to make sure this Action was connected to an intent by going back to the Intents section and making the connection there. Read how to do that here.

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