Building an Assistant

Building useful chatbots is a surprisingly difficult engineering challenge. That's why we created Bavard to help make the process simple. Using our core web app, you can easily build and configure a virtual assistant with a range of behaviors. You can host your assistant with us, or export it to run it in your own environment or even on your local computer.

Getting Started

1. Log in to the core web app.

You may use any valid gmail or GSuite account, or your own email and password.

2. Create a workspace

Name the workspace whatever you like, e.g. "<Company Name>".

3. Create an Assistant

Assitant names must be globally unique. We recommend a name of the form "<company name>-<assistant name>".

4. Create a Dialogue Graph

Select your newly created assistant and click the tab name "Conversation Flows".

Create a new conversation flow and drag a drop an assistant "Utterance Node".

Edit the utterance node and add the text "Hello, world!".

Next add a user text option node with the text "Apples" and add one more with the text "Oranges.".

Draw edges from the first assistant node to the two Apples and Oranges nodes.


5. Demo your Assistant

6. Publish your Assistant

7. Deploy it on your Website

8. Chat Live via the Message Center

9. Next Steps